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Birch Tower Condominium Lobby

“Premium Architect’s Welcoming Heaven"

Birch Tower’s Premium Architect redefines ‘perfect’ as he reveals his idealistic concept for one of the most important parts of the Birch Tower Condominium Manila, the part that would welcome us to our by the bay residence - The Lobby.

I want something unique,” this was what the Premium Architect first said as he described the highly-awaited lobby of the Birch Tower Condominium Manila. Upon entering the lobby you’ll be welcomed by a sight of elegance - all-natural stones on the wall that accents the floor finished with the attractive Rosa Mistica marble, and natural lighting which touches the beautiful picture of the lobby. The elevator is located in the central part of the Birch Tower Lobby, to provide efficiency in travel time.

Look to one side, you’ll see a stunningly beautiful, almost-ceiling-high waterfall with calm flowing water to chill the ambiance. Take the time to stare up to the uniquely cove-finished ceiling, and you’ll see the sky - a perfect picture of heaven, with all its garnishes.

The sun that will light the sky of the Birch Tower Lobby, will be embodied through the boasted Italian-inspired chandelier draping about 10 feet long and 2 and a half feet wide. This is said to be the only one of its kind since it is specifically and specially designed for the Birch Tower Lobby. There would also be a stunning, eye-catching centerpiece that is flexible to be designed according to occasions.

What’s more, there will be a night-sky themed café open to the residents and the public. The café will be sitting openly in one side of the BirchTower Condominium Manila Lobby and will be crowned by star-like lights and a moon. It has mirror walls to add a touch of modernity. Its menu will not be fixed; instead it will have a LED menu to show the beverages and food that they offer.

The BirchTower Condominium Manila Lobby, including the café, will be furnished by couches and seats made from ‘Kamatsile’ wood, which is considered to be almost as durable as the ‘Narra’ wood, and will have accessories made of barong fabrics such as ‘piña’, ‘jusi’, and ‘banana fibers’.

Aren’t the materials familiar?
All these materials and products that were used can be found here in the Philippines - the Rosa Mistica marble, natural wall stones and stones for the waterfalls, and the furnitures; even the grandiose chandelier is designed by the Premium Architect himself, and crafted by a Filipino glass artist - all in the Philippines. According to the Premium Architect, he promotes Philippine-made materials in his design for the BirchTower Condominium Manila Lobby.

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